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Born out of the meaningless of measuring glucose in isolation

How did it all start?

In 2015 Dr Rod Lane, the inventor of Ripple, was developing a new device for treating paralysis when he noticed that the measurements recorded were affected by mealtimes. Understanding that what he was seeing must be due to blood sugar levels he thought it was a good way to measure glucose.  In the end it turned out to be so much more.

Following investment, Rod and his team successfully won an Innovate UK grant to develop the proof-of-concept that we went on to obtain patent protection for. From the outset the team knew they had something special: a wearable sensor able to measure blood sugar changes as they happen, through fully intact skin; no needles, no patches, and no pain.

The existing wearable technology monitors activity and sleep, but not the effects of nutrition, without manual input.

As development continued, the team began to understand the complex relationship between glucose levels from food, lactate levels from activity and exercise, and deep tissue hydrations.

Ripple can measure all of these.

Image of samples in a tray in a laboratory
“ripple is key to living a sustainably healthy, Balanced lifestyle.”

Rod Lane, Founder

Meet the advisory board

Dr Rod Lane

Chartered Biomedical Engineer with over 25 years of experience running teams developing wearable health technology. Industry visitor to the University of Southampton.

Professor Neil White
Professor in Intelligent Sensor Systems

The University of Southampton

Dr Harry Ackerman

University Hospital Southampton

Professor Richard Holt
Professor in Diabetes and Endocrinology

The University of Southampton

Dr Frank Ratcliff
Director of Industry and Innovation

Health Innovation Wessex


Ripple is unique in measuring nutrition, activity and hydration without your input. Maintaining a healthy balance between these three elements has a direct impact on your wellbeing and happiness.

By wearing your Ripple, you can stay in perfect balance whatever your life goals.

The continuous real-time data shows how your body uses food and drink, relating this to exercise, activity and sleep.

Image mockup of a myripple device


Recharge for constant use


Conceived and designed in the UK


Waterproof & adaptable to wear off wrist

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